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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?

4x4 tyres

If you have just purchased a car capable of off-roading, the first thing which you should consider is the right set of 4x4 tyres. Also called SUV tyres, these units have the muscle, durability, strength and design to take on any challenging surface.

It is true that most 4x4 tyres are indistinguishable from other tyres at a glance. But when you visit The Automaster, our facility in Colindale, a team of expert technicians will aid you in choosing the tyres best-suited for your car.

Our facility is one of the largest and most prestigious retailers of car tyres Colindale. We have been in the business long enough to understand the prevailing market trends and changing client requirements. That is why we often restock our inventory to reflect the latest changes in the domestic market.

Types of SUV tyres

You must surely be aware of how different these tyres are. After all, they can withstand a lot more damage and wear than ordinary passenger car tyres.

There are several sub-categories of SUV or 4x4 tyres. The 3 most common types are the following:

  • Highway Terrain (H/T) tyres:
  • These are entry-level 4x4 units. They are best-suited for urban roads and have limited functionality on off-road conditions. While it is true that H/T models will run decently on sandy surfaces, their lacunae will be exposed once you try to conquer harsh terrains.

    Most entry-level SUVs come with a set of H/T tyres as OE. However, if you wish to push the boundaries a bit, you must buy 4x4 car tyres Colindale, Edgware of the All Terrain or A/T type.

  • All Terrain (A/T) tyres:
  • All major tyre brands have their range of A/T models. These are capable of superior off-roading. These tyres have an aggressive tread design with more sipes. Automobile enthusiasts often laud these models for their ‘across-the-board’ capabilities.

  • Mud Terrain (M/T) tyres:
  • You can purchase a set of these magnificent 4x4 tyres Colindale at our facility. M/T units are the most premium 4x4 models, and they can conquer almost any surface. From mountainous roads to muddy quagmires and rough gravelly surfaces, these are the tyres that will come in handy. Although they do contribute in lowering your car’s mileage by a bit, this is easily offset by its superlative performance.

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May we suggest that you visit The Automaster and take a look at our collection of 4x4 tyres Edgware?

We are certain you will not be disappointed!

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