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Are you looking for Air Conditioning and Climate Control for your vehicle?

Air Conditioning

Your car's air conditioning system is more than just a cooling help. It contributes to a cleaner and more pleasant environment inside the passenger cabin by keeping out pollutants, pollen, and airborne bacteria.

But, the air-con in your car requires regular maintenance, especially in Colindale, Edgware where AC is seldom needed, as the refrigerant gas diminishes with time. In case you are looking for Car Air Conditioning Colindale, Edgware service look no further.

We at The Automaster provide extensive air-con servicing and repairs at our facility in Colindale. Backed by our experienced in-house technicians and state-of-the-art tools, we offer best in class services and repairs for air-cons across a range of car brands.

You can drive down to our facility or contact us if you think there's some issue with your vehicle's AC system. Conclude your search for "car air conditioning repairs near me" searches with us.

What do we check during AC servicing?

The AC performs two critical functions – cooling and filtration. We conduct a series of checks and tests for both these functionalities and take it from there, with your approval, of course.

Issues that you could face in the cooling system are:

  • Refrigerant fluid top-up
  • The AC system works by circulating the refrigerant fluid. Every year, 8% of this fluid is lost and therefore, requires topping up. But, it is not something you or any uninitiated person should do. Bring it to our facility for Car Air Conditioning Colindale, Edgware service and we will take care of it.

  • Lack of lubrication
  • When the AC system is not used regularly, it suffers from a lubrication deficit leading to leakage. We use the latest tools to run tests for the same. If found, we will repair the leakage and ensure the refrigerant pressure is maintained – subject to your approval, of course.

  • Deteriorating quality of the filter
  • The filter is a crucial part of your vehicle, which helps keep all harmful airborne contaminants at bay. But, it deteriorates over time, like any other filter. We replace this filter to ensure your passenger cabin remains free of pollutants and contaminants.

    We recommend you to seek Car Air Conditioning Edgware, Colindale service routinely to ensure it continues functioning optimally. Visit us directly or contact us to set an appointment and beat the queue.

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