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Are you looking for Bodywork and Smart Repair for your vehicle?


In case your car’s bodywork needs some work doing, look no further. At The Automaster, all our technicians are highly experienced and possess extensive expertise in dent repair Colindale, Edgware and repairs. Whether it’s due to an accident, a minor collision or any other cause, our experts can take care of it.

Moreover, we only use the latest tools and equipment to ensure adequate and prompt service. Your search for “smart repairs near me” ends with us!

Our services

We offer the following bodywork repair Colindale, Edgware services:

  • Auto body painting
  • Your car’s bodywork can be ruined due to rust, scratches, paint swirling, rock chips, or any other frustrating cause. But, fret not. Our professionals provide paint jobs on car bodies using the latest tools and procedures, so your car looks as good as new with no evidence of an accident.

  • Paintless dent removal
  • Did you know that 95% of all dents do not require a paint job? But, you should be cognisant of dents, no matter how minor, and seek dent repair Colindale, Edgware at the earliest. That’s because even minor dents can lead to expensive paint jobs later, if left unattended.

    We use the process of paintless dent removal or PDR, which does not require sanding or fillers. Our technicians use best in class tools to effectively push the dent back in place sans harming the existing paint job. What’s more, PDR is an extremely cost-efficient and effective process.

  • Auto window repairs

Your car glasses are also highly susceptible to damages. Some damages can be repaired, and some require replacement. For instance, a minor chip in the glass can be repaired, but if ignored, it can also transform into a major crack requiring replacement.

Regardless of the degree of damage, you should bring your car to our facility as soon as you notice any chips or cracks to avoid surprises later.

Why The Automaster?

We host one of the most extensive body shop facilities in Colindale, Edgware. Our experts have a wealth of experience in smart repair Colindale, Edgware across a range of car brands, and we use only the latest tools and equipment for all our services. So, you can rely on us to fix your car’s bodywork issues with expertise, cost-effectively, and on time.

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