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Are you looking for Breakdown Recovery Services for your vehicle?


We do not need to tell you how inconvenient car breakdowns are. However, with routine maintenance, several such issues can be avoided. But, even then, it's not possible to entirely avoid potential breakdowns. In such cases you can rely on us. Call us when you need help you. We will come out to you and do our best to repair your vehicle then and there. If that's not possible, we will recover the vehicle and take it to our workshop or any other facility you prefer.

Luckily, however, there are red flags that precede such breakdown issues. It would help if you are vigilant of these signs from your car telling you something is amiss, so you can seek breakdown Recovery Colindale, Edgware services before it's too late.

The Automaster is an extensive automotive facility in the heart of Colindale, Edgware, underlined by profuse experience. Plus, our in-house technicians are expertly versed across all types of mechanical and electrical breakdowns in vehicles, and we use only the best in class equipment and tools to deliver effective and time-efficient services.

    What are the red flags for car breakdown?

    Dashboard signs -

  • The most elementary way to tell if your car is up for a potential breakdown is to look for signs in its dashboard. Signals that require prompt action are:
  • A flashing or continuously lit check engine light indicates that you need to get the engine serviced at the earliest.
  • Lit, encircled exclamation mark in the dashboard points out that you need to top-up your vehicle's brake fluid.
  • If the battery light does not illuminate or stays constantly lit when driving, there's a problem with your car's battery or the charging system.
  • An illuminated oil can icon suggests you need to fill oil in your vehicle. In case it remains lit after you've topped-up the oil, visit our facility.
  • Odours -

    If you notice white smoke coming out from the exhaust, it indicates there's antifreeze or water in the fuel supply.

    Smelly or dark smoke from the exhaust means you need to replace the filter.

    Sounds -

  • A high-pitched squeal when driving indicates that the fan belt might require replacement or servicing.
  • A hissing sound while driving suggests either there's a coolant leakage or the engine is overheating.
  • A chugging sound from the engine usually precedes a flat or discharged battery.
  • Brake pads might be worn out when you hear a squeal when pressing the brakes.
  • Other signs -

  • Green or blue puddles under your car might mean that there's a coolant leak.
  • Green powder around the battery suggests damage or corrosion in the battery.
  • So, bring your car down to our facility as soon as you notice these signs. In case of a breakdown, you can always contact us on +44 20 8200 0400 for roadside assistance.

    Your search for "breakdown services near me" ends with us.

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