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Are you looking for Car Servicing for your vehicle?


If you want your car to continuously perform as well as it did initially, routine servicing and timely checks are crucial, no matter whether you drive a brand-new model or a second-hand vehicle.

Only regular service appointments can keep you away from performance-related issues and expensive repairs.

And precisely for that purpose, The Automaster is the best place to go to.

What does automobile servicing include?

A thorough car service at The Automaster car repair Colindale, Edgware services includes a range of checks, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Oil filter check and replacement,
  • Brake fluid check,
  • Shock absorbers,
  • Power steering,
  • Exhaust system,
  • Tyre tread and pressure check,
  • Battery, etc.

When to get your car serviced

  • Interim – Every 6 months or 6,000 miles (whichever is earlier).
  • Full – Every year or 12,000 miles (whichever is earlier).
  • Seasonal services before going on holiday (especially in Summer) and before the start of the winter season.
  • Why is routine car servicing important?

  • Improved fuel economy and performance:
  • When all your car components function as they should, your automobile’s fuel economy and performed stays consistent.

  • Keeps a check on the car’s roadworthiness:
  • Emission levels, tyres, ignition systems, etc. are checked during a car service Colindale, Edgware to ensure the car’s safety level and roadworthiness.

  • Protects the vehicle from overheating: If consumables like transmission fluid, engine oil, and coolant are not replaced or refilled in time, the-wheeler gets overheated. With routine servicing at a trusted garage like The Automaster, such issues can be dealt with promptly.
  • Avoid expensive repairs:
  • Routine car servicing ensures that all critical components of your car are in top condition and working in harmony.

    Without regular car servicing, it can be difficult to diagnose minor issues, which can pile up and lead to expensive repairs.

  • Pass MOT test easily:
  • Every car in the UK, older than 3 years, needs to pass the MOT test annually. The test includes a thorough inspection of all car components, from the battery and electrical wiring to steering and suspension. Even minor faults with your vehicle can result in MOT fails.

    Therefore, professional car servicing is advised to ensure that your car always passes the MOT test.

  • Increases resale value:
  • Regular vehicle or car service Colindale, Edgware also improve your car’s resale value. A buyer always looks for your vehicle’s maintenance record as it speaks volumes of the car’s condition and performance.

    Now that you are aware of the need for routine automobile servicing, you are possibly looking for “best car repairing garage near me”.

    Well, sit back and relax as your search ends with The Automaster at Capitol Way.

    Connect with our technician by dialling 020 8200 0400. You are also welcome to visit our workshop to book a service at your convenience.

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