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Are you looking for  Engine Coolant for your vehicle?

Engine and Cooling

The cooling system in your car keeps its engine cool by eliminating the heat produced from internal combustion. In a sense, it also keeps the engine warm enough for proper and efficient functioning.

Therefore, without the cooling system and the coolant, the engine would overheat, causing severe damages to other components. It's an integral part of your vehicle and seeking engine cooling service Colindale, Edgware routinely is a crucial habit.

It is also important to turn to a reliable and experienced facility for that purpose. In that regard, you can reach out to us at The Automaster. Our skilled technicians can guide you about which antifreeze would be ideal for your car's cooling system because the wrong kind can result in serious concerns. Moreover, you might want to seek a reliable set of hands if there's a coolant leak.

When should you change your car's engine coolant?

The coolant in your vehicle requires top-up at regular intervals. The interval, however, varies from one car to another. Some manufacturers suggest engine coolant change after the first 60,000 miles and then every 30,000 miles; in other cases, it can be 50,000 miles.

Coolant requires changing because, over time, it can deteriorate in its functionality. For instance, it can grow more acidic over time, causing corrosion. Corrosion can affect the several components of the cooling system leading to an overheated engine.

To be safe, vehicles that have clocked more than 50,000 miles should get routine engine cooling system checkup Colindale, Edgware. You can bring your car down to our facility if that's the case, and our technicians will test the cooling system for irregularities.

How to find leaks in the cooling system?

A coolant leak is one of the most frequent causes of engine overheating, which can ultimately lead to a breakdown. Check for these signs to know if there's a coolant leakage in your car:

  • A hissing sound while driving – in this case, turn off your engine and reach out to us for professional engine cooling service Colindale, Edgware.
  • A sweet scent from your car's engine, if the antifreeze is ethyl glycol.
  • Green, blue, red, orange, or rust-coloured liquid under your vehicle

In any of these instances, reach out to us immediately on 020 8200 0400. Rest assured about expert and on-time service with us!

So, stop searching "engine cooling system service near me" and visit our garage at UNIT 19, Capitol Industrial Park, Capitol Way, Colindale, Edgware NW9 0EQ.

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