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Are you looking for Exhaust Fitting and DPF Cleaning Services for your vehicle?


A malfunctioning exhaust system can drastically affect your car's environmental standard compliance and overall performance. Hence, lookout for signs of a failing exhaust system. Should you detect any, reach our exhaust servicing garage Colindale, Edgware.

The Automaster has zero competition in and around Capitol Way when it comes to accurately detecting and repairing issues with your automobile's exhaust system.

Why is the exhaust system essential?

Exhaust systems carry harmful gases away from the cabin. Most importantly, it detoxifies harmful emissions by converting toxic gases (for example, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide) into a harmless gaseous mixture before releasing the same into the environment. This complex system also reduces noise and improves your vehicle's performance.

    Listed below are the critical components of exhaust systems:

    • Exhaust manifold
    • Oxygen sensor
    • Catalytic converter
    • Muffler
    • Exhaust pipe

    Faults in any of these components can lead to expensive repairs if not attended on time. Therefore, consider availing reliable exhaust repair Colindale, Edgware services to avoid further damages to your vehicle.

    Signs of a failing exhaust system

    Have you been looking for "exhaust servicing near me" all over the internet? Then you have probably noticed one or all of the given issues:

  • Excessively noisy exhaust
  • If you hear a noticeable change in the tone of your car's exhaust or if it's louder than usual, this clearly indicates a malfunctioning system. It might happen due to a leaking manifold gasket, cracked exhaust pipe or a rusted muffler.

    Be vigilant and get necessary repairs from our experts at The Automaster.

  • Reduced fuel economy
  • An underperforming exhaust means your car engine needs to work harder. This will automatically result in reduced fuel economy.

  • Stinking noxious gases
  • If you smell toxic gases inside your vehicle, there is a problem in the exhaust system. This may be caused by a leaking catalytic converter.

    If not repaired, these toxic gases can reach the passenger cabin and cause serious health issues. Hence, turn to a reliable exhaust servicing garage Colindale, Edgware to address such problems.

  • Engine misfires
  • If there is any obstruction in the exhaust system, the engine often misfires as the fumes fail to escape the exhaust valve chamber effectively.

  • Check engine light comes to life
  • One of the reasons why the check engine light turns on is a fault with the exhaust system's catalytic converter. It is recommended to seek professional services to fix this issue and avoid any major expenses.

    We offer unmatched exhaust repair services Colindale, Edgware!

    Irrespective of the issue, reach our facility at Capitol Way. The Automaster uses only the best equipment to promptly diagnose and repair the faults, thereby ensuring an optimally-functioning exhaust system.

    You can either place us a call on 020 8200 0400 or visit our workshop to book a service.

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