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Class 4 MOT tests check the safety level and roadworthiness of specific categories of automobiles. If you own a vehicle which is older than 3 years, you need to apply mandatorily for and clear MOT annually. In case your car fails an MOT test, it won't be allowed on the roads. You will have to get all faults repaired and the vehicle re-tested afterwards. 

Hence, do not take any risk and go for& an MOT Colindale, Edgware to avoid unnecessary hassles.

In this regard, The Automaster is your helpful companion as we can help you ace your Class 4 MOT with flying colours. Turn to us without thinking twice for unmatched services.  


Vehicles eligible for a Class 4 MOT 

Besides differences in the type of automobile that needs to apply for a Class 4 MOT, the rest of the rules and regulations are similar.  

Class 4 MOTs are applicable to 4-wheelers with up to 8 passenger seats. The test also extends to taxis, minibuses, ambulances up to 12 passenger seats. You can also appear for a Class 4 MOT if you own a motor caravan, dual-purpose vehicle and goods vehicle under 3000 kg.  

Note that all components of your vehicle must function optimally to pass this test. In case your car has any faults, you will be given a VT30 certificate elaborating the reasons why your ride is not compliant with the environmental standards. Our technicians can provide accurate repairs promptly so that you can re-take MOT Colindale, Edgware in 10 days. 

How is an MOT test conducted? 

Licensed and regulated by the UK's Department of Transport and DVSA, an MOT tester thoroughly inspects the following parts of your car: 

  • Engine
  • Emissions level
  • Steering
  • Windscreen
  • Bonnet
  • Number plate
  • Horn
  • Lights
  • Brakes, etc.

If everything goes well with your MOT Edgware, you will be awarded a VT20 pass certificate. 

Most common reasons for failing an MOT 

The following issues might lead your car to fail an MOT test: 

  • Light: 
  • 17% of MOT test fails is due to a poorly adjusted headlight direction. Additionally, faulty brake lights and malfunctioning indicators are equally responsible for getting you a VT30 certificate. Hence, repair these crucial components from the experts at The Automaster before appearing for the check. 

  • Brakes: 
  • Worn out brakes are responsible for failing 7% of MOT checks in the UK. Malfunctioning brakes, however, can do a lot worse than just failing the MOT check. Therefore, replace your ride's damaged brakes from a reliable workshop in Capitol Way. 

  • Exhaust: 
  • Simply put, your vehicle needs to be safe for the environment. Issues in the exhaust system such as missing silencer baffles, loose mountings or a damaged catalytic converter cause 7% of the MOT checks to fail.  

Have you been looking - "MOT checker near me"? 

Look no further as The Automaster is at your disposal. 

At our facility, the MOT experts will help you to check MOT history, thereby making the process convenient for you. Whether you are applying for the test for the first time or going for a re-test, we are your one-stop solution in Capitol Way. Call us on 020 8200 0400, or you can also visit our facility. 

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