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Performance tyres

Performance tyres are designed for high-flying cars which have more powerful engines and are capable of delivering a vastly superior driving experience. These are premium tyres and are meant for high-end passenger vehicles.

At a glance, however, they will not appear to look very different from other tyre types except that these units will be much thicker. Yet, these models come with an array of qualities which make them a driver’s delight.

Over the last 2 decades, there has been a surge in the number of luxury cars in England, with Colindale leading this trend. If you stay in or around this Megacity, you will find the most satisfactory aftermarket performance tyres Colindale at our facility- The Automaster.

 We are an established name in this area and have managed to retain a large client base from other surrounding Counties and London’s suburbs. Our inventory stores all the major brands available in these Isles.

What sets performance tyres apart?

Several aspects provide performance tyres Colindale, Edgware some key advantages over other tyre variants. Take a look:

  • Larger tread blocks which have wide shoulder blocks. There are also large voids between these blocks. It provides superior traction and grip of the surface.
  • Rim flange guards or protectors are common in these tyres. These protectors ensure that there is minimal damage to sidewalls when cornering. Given that premium vehicles tend to be heavier than standard passenger cars, this is a feature which is shared by most performance tyres Colindale.
  • A shorter& stouter sidewall. It ensures that the tyre has more rubber than most other types. More rubber also provides a greater degree of agility and ability to these units.
  • Almost all performance tyres come with overlay materials. This helps them achieve and retain higher speeds at all times.
  • Finally, these are heavier than most tyres. One reason for this design philosophy is to ensure that the car’s centre of gravity remains low, thereby providing stability.

Whenever you buy performance car tyres Colindale, Edgware from The Automaster, you can rest assured that all of these advantages will be yours.

Popular performance tyres Edgware

London has always been the most economically advanced city of the UK. Most people who choose performance units are upwardly-mobile residents.

Here are some of the most popular performance tyres Colindale, Edgware that we sell each year.

  • Michelin Pilot All-Season 4: It is Michelin’s flagship performance unit. Currently, many major car brands use these as OE.
  • Sport BluResponse: Another quality all-season tyre from Dunlop, this is a popular aftermarket replacement choice for most of our clients. Its design cues are inspired by racing tyres.

We also stock several UHP car tyres Colindale, Edgware from other manufacturers including Marshal, Jinyu and Sailun.

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