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Run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres, also known simply as RF tyres, are unique in the sense that they are capable of soldering on despite a puncture. However, the standard range for all major RF models is a maximum driving distance of 50 miles at speeds below 50mph.

The idea of run-flat tyres began taking shape in the early 1930s. As the Second World War drew closer, it became apparent that most existing tyres were susceptible to punctures and blow-outs, leaving the occupants stranded and vulnerable.

In 1935, Michelin developed the first practical RF tyre, something they called a ‘self-supporting’ model. They were deemed too expensive for passenger tyre markets.

Later, more companies including Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli made significant improvements. Today, a number of cars come with RF models as OE.

Our facility- The Automaster- is the largest retailer of run flat tyres Colindale, Edgware. We store a number of brands procured directly from the manufacturers.

Pros of RF tyres

  • You do not have to change the tyre if it spouts a leak. It is, by far, the single biggest advantage of these models. These car tyres Colindale, Edgware have a thicker sidewall and some form of supporting system, allowing them to run for a certain distance till you reach a repair centre.

Some studies have shown that a number of fatalities occur each year on the UK’s roads when people are changing their tyres, especially on wintry nights. RF units will ensure that does not happen.

  • When your car comes with factory-fitted run flat tyres Colindale, Edgware , you will not have to carry a spare. This is useful for several reasons. For one, it takes some weight off the car and increases mileage marginally. Secondly, certain types of cars- like coupes- do not look appealing with a spare tyre in the rear.

If you are planning to buy run flat car tyres Colindale, Edgware, visit us. Our team at The Automaster will aid you in selecting a perfect set for your automobile.

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