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Are you looking for Steering and Suspension Services for your vehicle?


Your car's steering and suspension system consist of an intricate arrangement of springs, linkages, and shock absorbers. These parts, working together, absorb the bumps and impacts while you drive your vehicle on the road, making it a comfortable ride. As such, you need to ensure your car suspension system Colindale, Edgware stays in the perfect condition so that your drive does not lead to an uncomfortable episode.

Taking proper care of such crucial components requires certain levels of expertise as the suspension system comprises multiple parts.

That is where we, The Automaster, come in; we are the largest garage for suspension and steering repair Colindale, Edgware service well-known for our affordable and quality handiwork. Our team of technicians have years of experience in vehicle maintenance and repairing, especially when it comes to complex systems like shock absorbers and suspension.

What do we have to offer?

Our team of technicians at The Automaster follow industry specified guidelines to determine the condition of your car's shock absorbers Colindale, Edgware. We will run your vehicle through a comprehensive series of tests to determine the extent of wear and tear.

Next, we will duly inform you about the condition of the components and discuss the available repair or replacement options. Rest assured, you will enjoy the original performance and comfort of your vehicle once we complete the restoration.

When do you reach us?

It is vital for you, as a car owner, to understand what the signs of a failing car suspension system Colindale, Edgware are. This will enable you to bring your vehicle to our service station immediately for an overhaul. Driving with a worn-out suspension system is not only uncomfortable but can prove catastrophic in terms of increased chances of a major breakdown at any time.

Here are some of the most common indications that says you need to look up the web for 'car shock absorber repair near me' right away.

  • Uncomfortable drive –
  • Excess vibration and rigid driving stance are probably two of the most tell-tale sign of a worn-out suspension system. Once the dampers give out, even minor bumps of the road, along with the engine vibration, can be felt through the floorplate and seats.

  • Increased tyre wear –
  • Damaged shock absorbers usually skew the weight distribution of a vehicle. This results in uneven tyre wear as one side bears more weight than the other.

    Other than the aspects mentioned above, you will also feel your vehicle nosedive (during braking) if the shock absorbers Colindale, Edgware are worn out. These can create a severe safety hazard during your daily commute, which is why you should bring your vehicle to us for a thorough inspection whenever you notice any of these issues.

The Automaster – Your one-stop shop for everything car related

We strive to offer only the best services to our customers. Our team of technicians will take care of all your vehicle-related issues, replacing or car suspension repair Colindale, Edgware quickly and efficiently.

Visit us whenever you face any issues with your vehicle; you can also schedule an appointment ahead of your visit by simply calling us.

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