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Are you looking for Timing Belts and Chain Services for your vehicle?


A snapped timing belt or chain can cause severe damage to the car engine. This is particularly true for vehicles with an interference engine. Ideally, you should replace the cambelt every 40,000-60,000 miles. However, several factors can lead to the premature wear of timing belts, thereby requiring you to opt for professional cambelt repair Colindale, Edgware.

Our technicians at The Automaster are thorough with the intricacies of interference and non-interference engines and understand exactly how cambelts and timing chains work. If you come across any sign of a failing timing belt/chain, we are the ideal facility in Capitol Way to turn to.

Timing belt vs timing chain

The difference between timing belt and chain lie mainly in their material and location.

The timing belt is a teethed rubber, located outside the engine, which synchronises rotation of two critical components – crankshaft and camshaft - relative to each other. It does the crucial job of regulating the opening and closing of engine valves. On the other hand, a timing chain is made up of metal and is located within the engine.

In certain 4-wheelers, the cambelt also operates the oil pump, injection pump and water pump. An optimally functioning timing belt enhances power transmission efficiency and reduces noise as well. Note that not all engines have the timing belt. It is mainly present in cars and SUVs that have a smaller displacement engine.  

Timing belts and chains gradually stretch over time and consequently affect engine efficiency. Once the timing belt snaps, you mustn’t delay and replace it soon to avoid expensive repairs. For unmatched engine timing chain repairs Colindale, Edgware, you can seek the assistance of our professional team.

Symptoms of a failing timing belt/chain

Every vehicle manufacturer specifies the mileage or time beyond which you must replace the timing belt. However, we advise you to be vigilant and look out for the following signs of a malfunctioning timing belt or chain. Should you notice any, be sure to reach our facility for efficient Timing Belt Change Colindale, Edgware.

  • A ticking noise coming from the engine:
  • The cambelt remains associated with the camshaft and crankshaft via a series of pulleys. Camshaft regulates the cylinder head valves and rocket assembly. These components send fuel into the combustion chamber and expel burnt gases out of the manifold. Now, a broken or worn-out timing belt affects this function, and you hear a ticking sound coming from the engine.

  • Engine misfires:
  • A damaged timing belt is likely to slip on the camshaft drive. Consequently, one or more cylinders can open or close irregularly, thereby leading to engine misfires. If the worn-out timing belt is not replaced in time, you are probably looking at catastrophic engine damage.

  • Leaking motor oil:
  • Your vehicle’s engine will leak oil from the motor in case the cambelt wears out. This can also happen if the timing belt is cracked or has been installed incorrectly. Engine overheating also causes the leakage of oil from the cambelt cover.

If you are concerned about cambelt repair cost, we have got you covered. We offer top-notch services and never compromise on quality. 

Regardless of the issue with your vehicle’s timing belt or chain, our experts can accurately analyse and replace it in no time.

Therefore, stop searching for “timing belt repairs near me” and allow The Automaster to help you out.

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