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    Manufactured in South Korea, Admiral is a subsidiary of the tyre giant Kumho. Since its inception in 2006, Admiral has been ruling the budget tyre segment, almost unchallenged and unparalleled.

    These tyres are known to provide exceptional durability and optimal performance on all roads. The units also adhere to all UK safety standards, and hence, quality and safety will never be a concern.

    Are you wondering where to get Admiral tyres London?

    The Automaster stores all ranges of Admiral tyres, suitable for cars of any make and model.

    Popular Admiral tyres that we retail

  • Admiral 769: This tyre range is popular among car owners for use during summers in Capitol Way and other parts of the UK. It is durable and offers superlative performance on hot tarmacs. The tread pattern of this tyre provides efficient traction on both wet and dry roads. Also, the tyres effectively reduce rolling noise, providing you with a comfortable driving experience.
  • Admiral 771: Admiral 771 provides efficient traction on wet and dry surfaces. The customized tread patterns offer good cornering precision as well. It also comes with low rolling resistance.
  • Admiral 712: Another top-notch yet affordable summer tyre, this model offers adequate braking and handling performance. It provides optimal wet and dry grip. The tread pattern of this tyre helps reduce wear and enhances durability.
  • Apart from these, Admiral also produces standard quality all-season car tyres London that offer efficient performance throughout the year. It helps you avoid the hassle of changing tyres on a seasonal basis. These units are explicitly manufactured with unique tread designs that provide optimized traction on both hot tarmacs and surfaces laden with snow/slush/sleet.

    Why should you buy Admiral tyres London?

  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Offers optimized grip
  • Exceptional handling even on bumpy roads
  • Efficient in reducing accelerated tread wear and tear to increase durability
  • If you are looking for budget “tyres near me” in London, you can opt for Admiral tyres at our premier garage in Capitol Way – The Automaster.

    We are open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. You can visit us at - UNIT 19, Capitol Industrial Park, Capitol Way, London NW9 0EQ, UK to buy Admiral tyres London.

    You can also call us on 0208 2000 400 for more detailed information about our products and services.

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