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    Established in 1995, the Shandong Jinyu Tire Co. Ltd has made a strong foothold as a specialized tyre developing and manufacturing company all over the world in recent times. Headquartered in China, the brand enjoys a global dealership network and ships almost 11 million tyres annually.

    As quality plays a dominating factor to enter the UK market, Jinyu tyres strictly follow UK and EU regulations. Hence, you need not worry about the quality and performance of these units whatsoever. To enjoy an amazing driving experience with the most affordable units,Jinyu tyres are the best choice for you.

    If you are looking for a set of new Jinyu tyres London, The Automaster has a lot to offer.

    What can we provide?

    Jinyu summer tyres

  • Gallapro YU63: For ultra-high-performance vehicles, this range ofJinyu tyres provides optimal stability, responsiveness and offers excellent resistance to wear and tear at high speeds.
  • To ensure safety and enjoy a superior driving experience on hot tarmacs, Gallapro YU63 is the one to opt for.

    Jinyu Winter Tyres

  • Jinyu YW51: For easy manoeuvrability on icy or snowy paths, this model guarantees improved handling, performance and grip, especially when the temperature drops below 7° The low rolling resistance feature of Jinyu YW51 ensures increased fuel-efficiency, thus making it more economical than other competitors available in the market.
  • YW52: The Jinyu’s YW52 ensures easy navigation and excellent grip and traction on snowy roads. The soft rubber compounds with which these tyres are constructed provide excellent hydroplaning resistance, and thus, ensure safety on wet, icy roads.
  • Jinyu all-season tyres

  • Jinyu YH11: These all-weather tyres come built with all-adaptive compounds, suitable for both mild winters and summers. Specially designed to provide enhanced grip and traction on both wet and dry tarmacs, this range of Jinyu also champions on offering improved responsiveness and stability.
  • Hence, if you are looking for “tyres near me”, consider buying this unit from The Automaster is your one-stop solution. For more information, give us a call on 0208 2000 400.

    Jinyu 4×4 Tyres

  • Jinyu YW70: To navigate tricky and difficult terrains confidently, Jinyu YW70 is a great option as it provides increased traction and stability. The unique tread compounds of this model offer responsiveness and also reduce aquaplaning significantly.
  • We, at The Automaster, stock a complete collection of car tyres London, suitable for all vehicle models and makes.

    Therefore, if you are willing to buyJinyu tyres London, bring your car to our garage during working hours. Call us to book an appointment.

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