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Are you looking for Van Tyres for your vehicle?

van tyres

Van tyres are a select type of units which are designed for heavy vehicles. In the United Kingdom, ‘vans’ refer to large people-carriers including MPVs- which have several subsets- and good carriers like minibuses.

These tyres are almost always bigger and heavier than standard passenger car tyres. Most of them have rim diameters of 16 inches.

All major tyre brands have a separate range for vans. If you are looking to procure a new set of high-quality van tyres London, we believe that you would not be disappointed at what our facility- The Automaster- has to offer.

We have been able to create a corpus of loyal clients in a busy and highly competitive city like London because we store the widest variety of these products. Our inventory is also quite unparalleled, to be honest!

What makes van tyres unique?

Here are some principle properties of these units.

  • Van tyres have much thicker and stouter sidewalls as they are designed to carry heavy loads over long distances. Their tread patterns are mostly asymmetric and some models often have a centrally-placed tread. Since this is the part which gets worn out the fastest, we only store such advanced van tyres London which fulfil these criteria.
  • Even if you are planning to purchase cheap van tyres London, you can rest assured about their load-bearing capacity and higher speed index. These indices are the essence of these tyres.
  • Most van tyres ensure a relatively quiet running noise and are designed to provide higher mileage. It is an essential feature because good vehicles guzzle fuel.
  • Almost all these models are capable of running throughout the year. While there are some specialised winter van models, you will not need them in London.

You can easily buy van tyres London from our facility either in person or online.

Popular van tyres London

Here are some of the most in-demand models which we store.

  • Dunlop SP WinterSport 3D:
  • Dunlop, one of the few English tyre majors still in existence, produces a wide array of van tyres. Their latest model is the WinterSport 3D. These tyres are designed for winter use. They have rim protectors that help ensure the rubber carcass does not face damage on unpredictable roads, a low running noise thanks to Dunlop’s proprietary ‘Noise Shield’ technology, and these are also run-flat models. It is widely regarded as a complete tyre for vans.

  • Continental ContiVanContact 100:
  • These are the latest van tyres London from Continental. They have been applauded by most car pundits as an excellent aftermarket alternative for small and medium-sized vans.

Are you still worried about where you can purchase quality ‘tyres near me’? You can easily let go of these worries and head over to our facility. Else, you can visit our website for more details.

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