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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Driving your automobile on unbalanced wheels is downright risky as an unbalance decreases the ability to control the vehicle. Besides that, unbalanced wheels can also affect your driving experience and vehicle handling performance adversely. Thus, if you come across any sign of wheel imbalance, take the cue and opt for the services of professional car wheel balancing Colindale, Edgware.

The Automaster is one of the leading car service stations in Capitol Way, known for its amazing products and a wide range of services. Although we give equal priority to all service bays, where we truly excel is state-of-the-art wheel balancing.

Our technicians have due expertise and use only the latest balancers to accurately balance your vehicle’s wheels. However, before you book an appointment with us, we suggest you know more about wheel balancing.

    What is wheel balancing? Why is it crucial?

    In wheel balancing, professional approaches are used to equalise the combined weight of a wheel and tyre assembly. This weight distribution is essential for the assembly to spin hassle-free at high speeds. In case of any wheel imbalance, the effective centre or the axis of rotation shifts as a result of which, the vehicle bounces or wobbles.

    Thus, wheel balancing is crucial:

  • To provide a comfortable driving experience.
  • To ensure that the vehicle acts/reacts to forces efficiently.
  • Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, consider opting for a professional wheel balancing garage Colindale, Edgware in case of wheel imbalance.

  • Common indicators of wheel imbalance
  • Should you come across any of the following warning signs, make it a point to avail the services of our wheel balancing and alignment garage for prompt solutions.

  • Uneven and accelerated tread wear
  • Off-centre steering wheel
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Unusual vibrations in the steering wheel and floorboard, etc.
  • Our experts at The Automaster recommend clients to opt for routine car wheel balancing Colindale, Edgware every 10,000 miles even if there are no apparent issues. Such pre-emptive measures can keep further problems at bay. You should, however, go for more frequent checks in case your usual driving routes include rough and bumpy roads.

    Why choose us?

    At our facility, technicians prioritise 100% client satisfaction over everything else. They hence continuously upgrade their skill set so that they provide you only with the best possible services.

    Depending on the condition, we will thoroughly check your car wheels and conduct either static or dynamic balancing using state-of-the-art balancers.

    Please note: In our workshop wheel balancing is carried out as a standard procedure with every tyre change.

    Are you looking for a “wheel balancing garage near me”?

    Well, why don’t you turn to The Automaster instead?

    Call us on 0208 2000 400 for a booking.

    Otherwise, you can also visit us during business hours at IT 19, Capitol Industrial Park, Capitol Way, Colindale, Edgware NW9 0EQ, UK.

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