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Are you looking for Wheel Refurbishment for your vehicle?


Many car owners opt for alloy wheels as they provide an enhanced driving experience and enhance the vehicle’s overall aesthetic appearance. However, these are lightweight and less robust than their steel counterparts which make them more susceptible to damages. If you’ve invested in alloy wheels, keeping them in top-notch condition can be a challenge owing to daily usage.

Nevertheless, by opting for wheel refurbishment London from expert garages like The Automaster , you can ensure that they are restored to their original factory finish.

    Types of alloy wheel repairs London

    The professionals at The Automaster use the following refurbishment techniques depending on the extent of wheel damage:

    Powder coating

    In this process, the tyre and valve are separated from the wheel, which is then cleaned to remove all dirt and debris that might be present. After that, a powder coating is lacquered over its surface, which ensures a durable finish. This coating acts as a precautionary measure against damages caused by scratches, pollution, etc.

    Diamond cutting

    This process involves using a CNC lathe machine which removes a small section of the wheel to give it a diamond-cut finish. A lacquer coat is then applied over it to enhance its longevity and appearance.

    Cosmetic repair:

    Cosmetic repairs are only possible in case of minor damages. Also referred to as SMART repairs, this process is limited to a small section of your car alloy wheel which restores its original appearance.

    Importance of wheel refurbishment London

    Listed below are some of the benefits of wheel refurbishment services:

    Cost-efficient alternative

    The cost of buying a new set of alloy wheels is significantly higher than refurbishment. Hence, most car owners opt for the latter. If your vehicle’s wheels need refurbishing services, drive to our facility for an immediate solution at an affordable price.


    Alloy wheels are known for their ability to enhance your vehicle’s overall appearance. If your car wheels have scratches or dents, make sure to avail of alloy rim repairs London.

    Maximises resale value

    Wheel refurbishment processes, such as powder coating and diamond coating, increases the wheel’s service life. Moreover, it also makes the wheels look as good as new. Hence, refurbishing your car alloy wheels significantly improves the vehicle’s resale value.


    Driving on damaged or worn-out wheels can compromise your on-road safety. Hence, opting for wheel refurbishment London will ensure maximum driving comfort and safety.

    Cost of wheel refurbishment

    The cost of refurbishing alloy wheels mainly depends upon the following factors:

  • Size of the wheel
  • Type of wheel
  • Extent of damage
  • Extra wishes of the customer like spraying the alloys in a colour of choice etc.
  • Your search query “wheel refurbishment near me ” has brought you to the right place. Drive down to our facility, and our team of expert technicians will examine your wheels. You will receive an estimate, so you can make an informed decision. We always provide our customers with the most cost-effective solutions. No unpleasant “surprises”.

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