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The Automaster is one of the most trusted tyre and wheels retailers in Colindale, Edgware. Our team of in-house car experts can help you find the perfect set of wheels matching your car make and model, while also keeping your requirements in mind.

Buying new wheels can be challenging with the never-ending options available from multiple brands. You can choose either steel or alloy wheels. Note that each has its benefits and drawbacks. The choice ultimately depends on the client requirements and what suits them the best.

Car owners often want to switch to alloy wheels Colindale, Edgware for the aesthetic appeal, but these units also come with other benefits. At The Automaster, you will get to choose from a variety of steel and alloy wheels, irrespective of the car you drive.

Steel wheels

One of the primary reasons that our customers go for these is that steel wheels are significantly stronger than aluminium wheels. This sturdy construction makes them perfect for winters and industrial implement vehicles.

Durability is not a concern if you have steel wheels fitted on your car, as only a substantial impact can bend or damage steel wheels. These are also easier to repair, and cheaper than alloy wheels.

Rusting, however, is one of the biggest enemies of steel wheels and reduces their longevity. Also, heavier wheels contribute to reduced acceleration and strain other car components.

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels, on the other hand, are made using aluminium, or magnesium, or an alloy of both. This makes aluminium wheels Colindale, Edgware much lighter compared to steel wheels, and you will find most premium and high-performance cars using alloy wheels as OE.

Lighter wheels reduce the ‘unsprung weight’ of the car, which helps in increasing the acceleration and agility of the vehicle. The weight difference also contributes to improving the fuel economy and overall performance of the car.

Aesthetically, alloy wheels Colindale, Edgware hit the sweet spot and are available in many sizes and designs. The visual appeal of these wheels makes them the obvious choice for many car owners looking to upgrade their existing set.

Alloy wheels are also highly resistant to rusting and can withstand constant exposure to water, mud, snow, etc.

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The Automaster – the one-stop solution for all your wheel requirements!

We are one of the most trusted wheel retailers and keep a massive inventory of steel and alloy wheels Colindale, Edgware. Although alloy wheels are slightly costlier than steel wheels, at our garage, you can purchase a new set of wheels at some of the most competitive prices in Capitol Way.

Drive down to us at IT 19, Capitol Industrial Park, Capitol Way, Colindale, Edgware, NW9 0EQ, UK to know more about our range of products and services.

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