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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

    Ice and snow - if you want to be able to drive safely in traffic despite adverse road conditions, you should equip your vehicle with winter tyres. After all, you don't wear sandals on your feet in the cold season.

    You might think now "it never snows where I live, so why should I spend money on winter tyres?"

    In many parts of the UK it does not snow during the winter, but still, the temperatures drop which makes driving particularly dangerous as you cannot see Black ice (one a driver's worst enemies) straight away.

  • Experts advice: Change to winter tyres once the temperatures drop to 7 degrees!
  • Given the wide range of offers, it is not exactly easy to find the ideal winter tyre. To help you make the right decision, we have compiled important information about winter tyres in the following purchasing guide.

    Buying Adviser Winter tyres

    The ideal winter tyre should get your vehicle safely through snow, slush and ice by increasing grip through a soft rubber compound and a coarse tread pattern. The construction, tyre dimensions, load capacity and speed index, must be approved for your car's manufacturer.

    In our purchase winter tyres Colindale, Edgware buying advisor our The Automaster team has compiled essential decision criteria for you, which should make it easier for you to find the right winter tyre.

    When buying a suitable winter tyre, consider the following aspects in particular: Is the tyre approved for your vehicle?

    In the registration certificate, you will find information on the characteristics that the winter tyre best suited to your vehicle may have. You may only drive your car with suitable tyres.

    Will the tyre get you safely from A to B?

    Winter tyres should ensure good road grip in winter road conditions. But even on dry and wet roads, a short braking distance and excellent cornering are essential.

    Fuel efficiency and wear are crucial for environmental protection.

    Good values in these areas also save you money. Information on fuel efficiency can be found on the EU tyre label.

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    Winter tyre types

    Winter tyres have a softer and more elastic rubber compound and a coarser tread pattern than summer tyres. As a result, the tyre ensures greater grip and better power transmission to the ground in cold weather.

    Winter tyres also have larger tread blocks, which are spaced further apart. The tread blocks are divided into small sipes which interlock with snow and ice to prevent skidding. Unlike summer tyres, the tread is not designed to displace large amounts of water.

  • Worth knowing
  • A winter tyre is not only made of rubber. There are also fillers, such as carbon black or silica. Oils, resins, plasticisers and other chemicals are added to improve the properties of the rubber compound. The carcass - a fabric made of steel wire and nylon - serves as the reinforcing element. It optimises the handling characteristics, reduces rolling resistance and extends the life of the tyre.

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